Welcome to Paul Ash Management

To all of our Paul Ash Management Company, LLC clients, commercial users, homeowners and friends…

On March 13th the President of the United States issued a declaration of National Emergency due to the recent outbreak of the Corona Virus in our country and state public health officials have taken similar action. Like all other service providers, we are concerned about the health and safety of everyone who visits our offices to conduct business, and our own staff.

Although the health risk caused by the Corona Virus to most Americans is relatively low, we believe based upon consultation until there is improvement in this health emergency Paul Ash Management Company must temporarily change our public protocols on serving our clients, providers and customers. Starting March 17th, we have instituted the following changes in our operating protocols:

First- Following the unprecedented developments around the virus Paul Ash Management Company, LLC has instructed our employees to work from home where possible and come into the office when necessary. Our staff will be able to work from remote locations – from home and in the field to reduce the chance of infection to themselves and others.

Second- During this temporary situation Paul Ash Management Company hours of operation will continue unchanged and our office is very much open for business serving our clients, however, our corporate office will be closed to outside guests including clients, service providers, contractors and others who normally have routine access to our office to minimize the chance of infection for an indefinite period. Visitors to our corporate offices are asked to use a drop slot on the south side of our office for payments & small drop offs. Signs will direct you to the drop slot.  Deliveries by Fed EX etc. will be handled by contacting the front desk. Our front desk will be operating as normally scheduled to handle phone calls as usual. We encourage contact with our staff by telephone or email during this period. All meetings will be conducted off site and unfortunately until further notice all HOA meetings we normally host in our offices will need to be arranged elsewhere. Despite limited access in all other respects our service levels will continue at our high standards.

Third-We have already initiated our own health advisories to our staff in order to keep them healthy and our office in a highly sanitary condition. We are in an unprecedented situation for all Americans.   It is critical that our staff be healthy so we can continue to serve all those who count on our company for support. These measures are temporary. We still enjoy the normal buzz of activity in our offices. For you, the people we do business with and serve, please take good care of yourselves. Follow advice from the CDC, state and local agencies, stay strong and soon this will be behind all of us. Our entire nation is looking forward to a resolution to this emergency. We are in an unprecedented situation for all of us and we value your understanding and partnership.

Thank you.



Bruce Ash, CPM

President / CEO

Paul Ash Management Company, LLC





Remembering Paul Ash – Maccabiah Record Holder

Longtime Arizona Daily Star sports editor Abe Chanin* dubbed Paul Ash* the “strongest Jew in the world” and helped him raise some of the money he needed to go the Maccabiah Games in Israel in 1957.

A military veteran and avid card player, Paul Ash raised the rest of the funds by winning card games as he criss-crossed the United States on the military transport flights that got him to New York in time to catch his flight to Israel. He won the first of his two gold medals that year in the sport of weightlifting, breaking all records in the 198-lb class. He competed and won the gold medal again in 1961.



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