Welcome to Paul Ash Management

Welcome to the Paul Ash Management Company LLC update:

Trying to figure out the state of the world as well as the economy today is quite a challenge. The 2020 virus has turned the world upside down and the world’s economies are facing an environment like none other in recent history. Even with a potential vaccine somewhere on the horizon the nature of socialization, doing business and governing has seen massive change and is likely to be volatile for some time to come.

Managing change and volatility is challenging. But the one thing about managing during disruptive times that never changes is being ready for it and being ready to engage with new new management plans that keep us ahead of the game. When the 2020 virus hit, we assessed our strengths and vulnerabilities. Our strength has been always our valued company staff who have managed efficiently whether working from home, via Zoom or from their vehicles over the past five months. Their ingenuity and thoughtfulness has been inspiring. Our systems for managing in times of stress have been tested once again and our company has more than met the challenges in all parts of our  business activities.

We have faced many human and economic crises since our founding in 1965. During our 55-year history we have seen three wars, six recessions, over building, prosperity and loss as well as great social change. Having a solid foundation and company principles is what our founder Paul Ash believed would set our firm apart from the competition. He was right.  Although Paul is no longer with us his beliefs and principles are just as alive today as they were while he was active in the business.

Good managers get positive results during good times and save businesses in troubled times.

Our strategy to work with our retail and commercial tenants in this difficult time has saved countless businesses who count on our company for good management and might have failed otherwise. Not only have we helped many companies survive, we have developed good will that is priceless in the future to our profitability as well as our customers. We have taken the same direction with our own company employees who are healthy and productive. We also know over the next undetermined period of time because of our high standards Paul Ash Management Company will continue to show our good stewardship as we move forward.

All through the current difficult period our company has taken on many new assignments in our community management division. When we meet new clients, we try to speak honestly, answer questions, learn about their issues and present a viable option to many other management firms who fall short in delivering results . Communication, stability, established company standards, solid financial reporting, informed decisions and procedures which keep our accountability high plus unparalleled accessibility have made Paul Ash Management Company the logical choice in the marketplace.

As a company we hold these principles to be the key to our success and all those we work for as trusted real estate partners.



Bruce Ash, CPM

President / CEO

Paul Ash Management Company, LLC





Remembering Paul Ash – Maccabiah Record Holder

Longtime Arizona Daily Star sports editor Abe Chanin* dubbed Paul Ash* the “strongest Jew in the world” and helped him raise some of the money he needed to go the Maccabiah Games in Israel in 1957.

A military veteran and avid card player, Paul Ash raised the rest of the funds by winning card games as he criss-crossed the United States on the military transport flights that got him to New York in time to catch his flight to Israel. He won the first of his two gold medals that year in the sport of weightlifting, breaking all records in the 198-lb class. He competed and won the gold medal again in 1961.



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