Welcome to Paul Ash Management


2015 marks the 50th anniversary of the firm which my father Paul Ash gave birth to from his desk in the family room of our home in Tucson, Arizona.

Since 1965 the company has grown from a local one man real estate brokerage firm then known as Nationwide Realty to Paul Ash Investment Company and eventually to a multi-disciplined real estate management, acquisition and investment firm which now operates from coast to coast. The first location was situated in a one room office without windows at Craycroft and 5th Street.

The first big break for Paul Ash was selling a shopping center in Las Vegas. About 20 years ago Paul changed the name of the company to Paul Ash Management Company, LLC to reflect a new direction for the firm.

During Paul’s life he was able to see his vision grow beyond his imagination when he started the company. In the early 1970’s Paul Ash began developing multifamily and retail properties in Tucson and Phoenix. Large institutional lenders also called upon the company to operate distressed properties in troubled financial times. By the mid 90’s the company invested in retail and multifamily assets which employed nearly 260 staff.

The company continues to grow. We operate office, retail and multifamily properties in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas as well as GSA assets in Montana, Indiana, Florida and Mississippi along with several local homeowner associations. The company also performs real estate and financial consulting services for various clients.

The company continues to be family owned and operated. Paul Ash Management Company, LLC is operated by family partners Bruce Ash, Michael Ash and new partner Natalie Kujawa. We are very proud of our local roots and third generation ownership.

Paul Ash would be pleased to see the direction his company is going today because no matter how large and diverse we become the firm is still focused on his “hands on approach” which concentrates on technology to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible.

In later years Paul frequently discussed changing the name of the company to de-emphasize his persona on the company brand. Obviously, we resisted his suggestion. I believe our founder would be very pleased that the company continues to carry his name and emphasizes the same ethical practices and generosity which he believed in to create a better community for all during his life.

Bruce Ash, CPM

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