Welcome to Paul Ash Management

Welcome to the Paul Ash Management Company LLC update

In these days of the 2020 Virus I hear often from friends and colleagues who seem to ask this question, “How are you holding up?” I am mildly amused whenever I hear this question. Perhaps I am asked the question because of my age (68).  Perhaps they ask me because the callers live somewhere that the virus has impacted citizens more than here in Arizona.

Let me report here I am FINE. Our business is fine. Our family is fine. Our friends are fine. Our staff is fine. Our clients are fine. Our partners are fine. Our various real estate users are fine. We are all united to create success while others are unable to find their way.

We are calm in the face of the current storm. In fact, having survived several economic and national events in my nearly half century in the real estate business I have never been as resolved and focused as I am today. Since March we have protected our company’s most valuable resources – all of our great Paul Ash Management staff. Being an essential business, we have worked continuously and continue to operate at the highest level, and we have done so trying to honor everyone’s health. I have always said “whatever doesn’t kill you – makes you stronger.” We are stronger today than we have ever been.

We have taken the lessons learned from prior crisis situations and used them to carry on our business goals. We have been in contact every one of our retail, industrial and commercial tenants and where needed we have developed plans to assist them remain in business. We have changed our procedures to protect our customers from health hazards. All of our lending partners are being kept informed of our financial status and our clients have received in depth accounting to inform them on our total management status. We have kept current with all of our obligations and have not missed any of our debt service payments.

I am pleased to report Paul Ash Management has also expanded its portfolio over the past two months growing our HOA business by approximately 1/3 from the start of 2020. Good management is always valuable but never so much more so than it is needed in a crisis. We are proud to be serving so many great clients.

Our new multifamily properties have also made progress during the 2020 Virus. Construction at The RIZE in metropolitan Minneapolis continues to make good progress for a late Fall 2020 opening and our suburban Boston community The VUE At Maynard Crossing has been using very creative virtual leasing strategy to get rentals and now that stay at home restrictions have been lifted we have seen a significant increase in activity. We have just signed 2 new commercial leases at our Albuquerque retail center as well as multiple lease renewals in the middle of the current economic dislocation.

Stay healthy. Remain positive. Keep moving forward.



Bruce Ash, CPM

President / CEO

Paul Ash Management Company, LLC





Remembering Paul Ash – Maccabiah Record Holder

Longtime Arizona Daily Star sports editor Abe Chanin* dubbed Paul Ash* the “strongest Jew in the world” and helped him raise some of the money he needed to go the Maccabiah Games in Israel in 1957.

A military veteran and avid card player, Paul Ash raised the rest of the funds by winning card games as he criss-crossed the United States on the military transport flights that got him to New York in time to catch his flight to Israel. He won the first of his two gold medals that year in the sport of weightlifting, breaking all records in the 198-lb class. He competed and won the gold medal again in 1961.



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