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Welcome to the Paul Ash Management Company LLC website

Our company partners and dedicated staff put our customers and clients first. None of us consider ourselves 9-5 workers. We start early and work late. We react  to emergencies when ever the need arises and all of our management and executive staff (including myself) take weekend and night time calls. Each of us go to great lengths to not just be reactive but to be proactive. We enjoy the daily challenges of property management and we enjoy the people we work for.

2020 has been a challenging year for all of us but we have stuck together and have looked out for all of our customers and clients with great success. Since we operate a diverse range of assets we are cross trained  to be able to fill in for others when the need arises and we collaborate & cooperate with others on our staff when they need help solving special issues and projects they are working on. We are very proud of our team work. As a 3rdgeneration locally owned and family run business we believe collaboration and compassion is essential to our success. Paul Ash Management team has been together for years with several members having served with us at least a decade.

We have managed many different types of assets. Small mom-pop properties all the way up to assets which are owned by large national real estate funds. Retail strips to regional malls. Small incubator properties to 300,000 square foot factory buildings. Garden and mid rise multifamily residential buildings . Brand new product and historic/iconic properties . Medical and general purpose offices.  Homeowner associations (over 6,000 rooftops currently) to commercial and office condominiums.

We are also not just managers. We also are owners of a very successful real estate portfolio with locations  in Arizona and across America. Each of our company professionals put the same efforts into our 3rd party work for our clients as we do for our own properties. We are partners in or control in excess of $125,000,000 of quality real estate holdings. We share our vast financial expertise operating our own properties  to all of the assets we operate. Our financial / accounting and technical professionals provide in depth and prompt  financial reporting and forecasting which sets us apart from other firms much larger than us.

We receive many compliments on our services from apartment renters, retailers, homeowners and our commercial owner customers. I’d like to share one such compliment we just received from an out of state owner of an industrial property that had suffered well past the global economic crisis which we inherited with about 10% occupancy just a few years ago, “Your efforts representing our family , managing the buildings as well as the association have been nothing short of incredible. I am so appreciative of everything you have done for us and happy the new owner have decided to retain PAMCO for management.”

Lastly before I close it would not be proper to just brag on our great staff. Our customers and clients make us strong. We constantly learn valuable  lessons from them.  Our customers and clients serve as inspiration  for us to help them achieve the success which they all desire. As I remind all of our employees; our customers help pay each of our paychecks every two weeks.  We are ready to work for you. I am very accessible so please do not hesitate to contact me at Bash@PaulAshMGT.com if we can help you with your management needs.




Bruce Ash, CPM

President / CEO

Paul Ash Management Company, LLC





Remembering Paul Ash – Maccabiah Record Holder

Longtime Arizona Daily Star sports editor Abe Chanin* dubbed Paul Ash* the “strongest Jew in the world” and helped him raise some of the money he needed to go the Maccabiah Games in Israel in 1957.

A military veteran and avid card player, Paul Ash raised the rest of the funds by winning card games as he criss-crossed the United States on the military transport flights that got him to New York in time to catch his flight to Israel. He won the first of his two gold medals that year in the sport of weightlifting, breaking all records in the 198-lb class. He competed and won the gold medal again in 1961.



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