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President’s Message

Hi. This is Bruce Ash, the President and CEO of Paul Ash Management Company, LLC.

Speaking for all of our hard working staff and employees welcome to our website. We all want to update the public on our new developments for our company over the past few months.

We have been very busy in the past year. Paul Ash Management Company, LLC enjoyed many great successes which have provided us the opportunity to continue our aggressive market position as a start to our second 50 years of service.

Paul Ash Management Company has restructured our Community Management Department with the addition of long time HOA professional Barbara Daoust, CMCA and PCAM who assumed the position of Senior Vice President—Community Association Director. Barbara has a distinguished record of success in the public sector as well as in the HOA industry. Along with the staff she has put together—Danielle Morris and Shaw Douglas—Paul Ash Management now has three professionals with rich experience and professional training. Our support team member Sarah Blount has also joined our staff and along with long time team member Rebecca Cazares we are available on nearly a 24/7 basis to better serve our customers. Our team has been hired to take on new community association responsibilities and is working with directors and officers of the associations to improve operations and increase property values.

The Community Association Department has collaborated with our company financial team and IT professionals to debut our new owner portal access which will allow each of our community members to pay on line and view community information, financial data and pay through this special new portal. This state of the art access will allow our company to take on new business and better serve our customers.

Our acquisition team has recently sold The US Bankruptcy Court Building in South Bend, IN marking an end (for now) in operation of GSA lease back assets. However, through our affiliate ACW American, we now control over 700,000 square feet of industrial space in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Our tenant partners are able to rely upon our long expertise as asset managers to join with them as they seek to improve operations and grow their businesses. Paul Ash Management Company has been selected by new national owners to manage a portfolio of industrial/office buildings located at Tucson International Airport which totals nearly 300,000 square feet. We are also operating the owner association for a new retail development in Vail, Arizona.

Our Hurst, TX Walmart Center enters its final phase of development and we anticipate sale of all assets by early 2018. The new Walmart has broken nearly every projection and neighboring stores have reaped the success from increased traffic being driven to the retail center.

Partner Michael Ash has been promoted to Chief Operating officer and Designated Broker of Paul Ash Management and Natalie Kujawa has become a partner in the firm.

Stay tuned for more news from Paul Ash Management Company as we continue to diversify our profile.


Bruce Ash, CPM


Paul Ash Management Company, LLC